Wednesday, 26 May 2010


To raise much-needed funds for the fight against cancer, twenty years after Sir Bobby Robson led England to the World Cup semi-finals, Virgin Media has pledged to make a donation to the charity set up in his name every time a visitor to this site watches any video clips.

Virgin Media has pledged to give 20% of the revenue generated from all videos viewed - and if the England team goes one better in 2010 and wins the World Cup, we will give an extra 10% to the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation.

So the more times the video clips are watched on this site, the more money will be given to help in the fight against cancer, an illness which Sir Bobby bravely fought five times.

Sir Bobby's son, Mark Robson, said: "We're very grateful that Virgin Media has offered their support with this tribute to my dad. It's a fantastic way to raise funds to help improve the lives of other people fighting cancer and to make people aware of his charity. The money raised will help fund clinical trials of new cancer drugs, which is something dad was passionate about.

"Italia 90 is remembered as one of the highlights of dad`s career. He was extremely proud to be manager of England and his team's achievements at Italia 90 were unforgettable. It was a very special tournament which inspired so many people in a way only the World Cup can."