Tuesday, 2 August 2011


The charity football match between Kevin Keegan's 'Entertainers' and Liverpool's 'Spiceboys' on Sunday 9th October is now being staged on Tyneside.

The match will now be played at the Newcastle Falcon’s Kingston Park stadium instead of the Northern Echo Darlington Arena as originally advertised.

Event organiser, Steve Wraith, says: “We would like to wholeheartedly thank Darlington for offering to stage the match but it should be staged on Tyneside.

“I’m delighted that the fans will have the chance to see their heroes, such as Keegan and Shearer, one more time in Newcastle.”

Fans who have already bought tickets from Ticketmaster will be contacted and given first allocation at Kingston Park, which is now the point of contact for new ticket sales.

Former Newcastle favourites Ruel Fox and Brian Kilcline are also now confirmed in Keegan’s team.

Ruel says: “I had some great times on Tyneside. There was a feel good factor at the club in those days under Kevin Keegan and Terry Mac and it will be nice to experience that again.

“It's a big honour to be asked by Kevin to play for him one last time and I'm just as excited about pulling on the shirt and playing for those incredible fans again as I am seeing some old faces. Bring it on!”

With Phil Thompson heading up a Liverpool side, which now includes new confirmations Rob Jones and Stig Bjornebye, it promises to be a very special night. Fans are urged to buy their tickets now to avoid any disappointment.

Five charities - the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation, NSPCC, Pathways, CHUF and the Alan Shearer Centre - will benefit from the game.

All information can be found on the website www.theentertainersreunited.co.uk.