Wednesday, 1 August 2012


Speaking on the third anniversary of his Dad's death, Mark Robson says: “In the weeks before he died, Dad said he wanted the Foundation to be his legacy for other people fighting cancer.

“That’s certainly what it’s become and I’ve no doubts he’d be incredibly proud of everything we’ve already achieved.

“As a family, we’re working closely with the medical trustees of the charity and they are always looking for the next innovation or new treatment which could make a big difference.

“There are exciting plans in the pipeline and we’re very grateful to everyone who is helping us to continue the work my Dad started.

“My brothers, my Mum and I have all been a bit taken aback by the ongoing strength of support for the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation.  That makes us more determined than ever to keep it going and to fulfil Dad’s wishes.  Each day makes us even prouder than the last.

“I’ve been thinking about him this week because of the Olympics.  He loved his summers of sport.  And with the Test Match starting he’d be flicking between that and the Olympics and commenting on them both and absolutely glued to the action.”

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