Wednesday, 26 September 2012


So, yes it’s true, at various points during the course I did get overtaken by a Dalek, a gingerbread man and a giant Tweety Pie. There are however a number of reasons for me to be happy with the Great North Run of 2012.  

First of all, I finished! And, may I add, in a time quicker than last year. Today, I can just about walk and who knows tomorrow I might be able to tie my own shoelaces. And my son and I have managed to put a little money into the pot from our fundraising and running efforts.

There are though many, many more reasons to be cheerful. Like for example the hundred plus runners who donned Sir Bobby Robson Foundation vests to compete in this year’s race in aid of the charity. With thousands of pounds going towards the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation’s aims and objectives it really was a day to remember. Everyone at the Foundation would like to thank you very much for your efforts – both on the day and via your fundraising. Your blood, sweat and tears ensure that the Foundation’s vital work continues.

Worthy of special mention is 'Tony the fridge' who ran the Great North Run course not once but THIRTY consecutive times with a six stone fridge on his back, culminating in Sunday’s run where he finished in good time, brought the Foundation to the attention of millions watching the race on television and had over £500 pounds in donations deposited in the fridge in just a few hours. Having fundraised every step of the way for the last month, Tony has now raised in excess of £10,000 for the Foundation, which is a superb effort.

Everyone at the Foundation would like to congratulate Tony on his extraordinary achievement and thank him for his amazing fundraising. We hope Tony is now taking a well-earned rest!

Thanks too should also go to all the volunteers who made the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation’s stand in the charity tent such a welcoming place for the runners after the race. The hot tea and chocolate bars were greatly appreciated. The atmosphere as always was superb and the opportunity to meet other Foundation fundraisers only added to the day.

And so to next year. Do you fancy taking on the challenge of the Great North Run in the colours of the Foundation? Yes? Why not run with me. Dalek overtaking guaranteed!

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